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The Feb 24 #tourismchat focused on Facebook Pages (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • You can somewhat “hack” the photos at the top of your page. Upload new photos (no need to publish the album to your news feed) and they will be displayed across the top. If you don’t like one of the photos, mouse over the photo and click the X when it appears. (more…)

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The Feb 3 #tourismchat focused on Blogging for Destinations (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • WordPress seemed to be the favored platform among chat participants. Tumblr and Blogger were also mentioned.
  • When it came to in-house blogging vs. using outside bloggers, many of the chat participants did it in-house. However two great examples of using outside bloggers are the Indiana Insider Blog and the Travel Oregon Blog.
  • How do you find outside bloggers? Two excellent examples: Indiana Insider Blogger Application and Travel Oregon Blogger Guidelines.
  • Using a content/editorial calendar is necessary but you must leave room for flexibility.

There was much more conversation about how blogging platforms affect SEO, whether to pay bloggers and marketing your blog so definitely check out the entire chat transcript!

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We had a few sunny days here but we’re still in the middle of winter. So what can you do to get rid of the winter blues? Spend some time with beautiful blooming flowers!

The Oak Park Conservatory is a hidden gem. You can view three large greenhouses for a suggested donation of $2. I was just there Saturday to practice photography and absolutely loved it! In addition to the plants, they have a small pond with koi and two red-ear slider turtles as well as several bird cages. There were numerous families and a few retired couples which only confirms that it’s a great place for people of all ages.

You can view all of my Oak Park Conservatory photos on flickr but here are some of my favorite shots:

Sparkling Lily 234/365 (more…)

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I’m fascinated with antique postcards. Not so much for the image on the front, although most of them are pretty nice, but more so for the conversation written on the back. A few months ago I started my collection and even though it’s taken a while, it has now doubled in size…to 5 total postcards.

I went to the Harbert Antique Mall on the Red Arrow Highway in Harbert, Michigan today. I was here last November so this was my second time shopping at this store. They have a good amount of antiques and their prices seem fairly reasonable. They still had the china cabinet of my dreams but since I first saw it, I bought a nice vintage piece at a local resale shop for much less.

Today’s purchase of three vintage postcards totaled $9. You can see more more images of these cards in my Flickr set. The first card was postmarked Oct 13, 1908, and features a sunset on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, Mich. (more…)

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Valencia Tourism created a 3D video showcasing the city’s green areas, multi-era architecture, gastronomy and lifestyle!

How are you creatively using video for your destination?

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You’ve seen it in TV commercials. You’ve probably even heard it on the radio. Companies are using traditional media to point consumers to their Facebook page, a free platform that they have absolutely no control over but are spending a substantial amount of money creating custom tabs, buying ads and promoting in other forms of marketing.


I picked up one of the few remaining bags of Tostitos at the grocery store Sunday afternoon and guess what…yep, it’s there too.

So I asked a few tourism friends to send me photos of how they’re using print to advertise their social media accounts. (more…)

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