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As I was going through my Google Reader this morning, I came across several excellent posts about social media usage for meetings and events.

Here are my favorites:

8 Ways to Make Your Meeting Twitter- and Blog-Friendly, by Jeff Hurt: This post is full of great tips on how to create blogger’s hub, an area for those using laptops to blog or tweet, and how to keep these bloggers/tweeps happy during the conference with little details that are often overlooked such as electrical outlets and wi-fi.

The Four Cs Of Social Engagement: Social Media For Events, also by Jeff Hurt: The focus here is on social engagement and developing a social media strategy (my favorite part!). It also has a great list of social media tools to consider using for your event.

The New Hybrid Frontier: How Will Events Evolve in 2011? by Mike McCurry: Hybrid Events, or at least Hybrid components for events, have become very popular. A hybrid event is “one in which organizers provide customers (potential attendees) the option of remote access to all, or a portion of the conference content, utilizing some or several forms of social technology.”

iPads and Other Tablets: New Mobile Options for Events and Trade Shows, by Corbin Ball: iPads and tablets should not be overlooked in 2011. This post gives several examples of how an iPad would enhance an event or trade show for both attendees and exhibitors.

How are you using social media and technology for your meetings and events?


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The Jan 20 #tourismchat focused on the Best Practices for E-Newsletters in the age of Social Media (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • Many of the chat participants thought e-newsletters shouldn’t be sent out more frequently than monthly or quarterly
  • Some topics to include in your e-newsletters are blog content, promotions, contests, new products and events/calendar link (from Joe Vargo)
  • Niche markets for e-newsletters include arts, culinary, shopping, gardening, group travel, industry partners and general consumer/travel (from Buffalo Niagara)

There was much more conversation about how destinations are connecting their e-newsletter to social media, building their contact lists and e-newsletter providers so definitely check out the chat transcript!

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The 2010 Social Media Tourism Symposium (#SoMeT) was a huge success and now Dave Serino, Gammet Interactive and founder of SoMeT, is accepting RFPs for the 2011 SoMeT.

The Social Media Tourism Symposium ‐ #SoMeT – is a combination of travel, tourism, hospitality and meeting industry professionals sharing ideas and learning more about how social media is effecting promotion within the industry.

Jeremy Harvey and the Visit Loudoun team were the 2010 hosts of SoMeT. As with last year, the public will vote to determine the final destination for the 2011 SoMeT.

If you’re a CVB or DMO, I highly recommend that you submit an RFP response for this. Responses are due on Friday, February 18th, at 5:00 pm EST. Questions can be directed to @SoMeTourism on twitter or to sometourism@gmail.com.

So get the RFP and check out the SoMeT Facebook page for more information!

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The Jan 6 #tourismchat focused on using social media for event promotion. You can read the entire transcript in a google doc. Here are my highlights:

Hashtags: the responses were split on whether events needed a specific hashtag or one that has multiple uses. A good example is #PCMA (used year-round) and #PCMA11 (used specifically for Convening Leaders). Either way, a hashtag MUST be promoted weeks, if not months, in advance and should be placed on all marketing material such as brochures, websites, e-newsletters, twitter bio, etc. For more hashtag information, check out my post on How to Create a Hashtag for Your Event. (more…)

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Even though both of my parents are fully Hungarian, apparently I’m not Hungarian enough as I don’t use sour cream in every meal. This was one of the conversations at Christmas dinner.

So in an effort to embrace my Hungarian heritage more this year, I downloaded a few itunes, similar to records my Dad used to play at home. These tracks are by Zoltan and his Gypsy Ensemble (by the way, Zoltan was the name of a pet chicken my Dad had as a boy) but here’s a similar piece by József Lendvay.

Now I just need to get some sour cream and paprika. Probably should pull out my violin too.

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