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No regrets 2010 was the Year of No Regrets for me. Or at least that’s what I said it would be back inĀ  January. As this year comes to a close, I don’t really have regrets. It’s more like unfinished business.

January started off great with all the usual New Year’s resolutions: working out more, eating healthier, etc. February came around and I was looking at houses. My first house. Then came that fateful day in March, March 12 to be exact, when I closed on my house. That evening, as I got back to my house, I discovered some ants in the kitchen. A couple of hours later, there were a few more. Ok, not a few. They were all over the place. After a few visits from my new Terminix BFF, the ant issue was finally resolved.

April came and so did spring. And rain and mud. And tree trimmers that didn’t want to finish the job. My old fence was too short for my dogs so taking them out became a hassle. There’s nothing fun about a dog who hates taking potty breaks while on a leash. Multiply that by three and you’ll get an idea of how tiring daily life became. As if that wasn’t enough, with the warmer weather came a musty smell from my “stove closet” room. (more…)


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To say I’m excited about SoMeT is an understatement. I’ve been waiting an entire YEAR for next week to come. Last November I attended #dmmi09 (DMAI’s Destination Management & Marketing Institute) in Indianapolis and as soon as it was over, there was talk and anticipation of #dmmi10. For whatever reasons, DMMI is no more but in its place, the incredible Dave Serino created #SoMeT (Social Media Tourism Symposium).

A case study for social conferences

The conference hasn’t even started and yet the hashtag is not only well-known but being actively used. And it’s been active for MONTHS. How did that happen? Social branding, my friends. I don’t remember exactly when Dave chose the hashtag but I know it was before February = over 9 months. Yes, that long ago.

SoMeT is special because the public was involved from the beginning. The SoMeT Facebook page has been the hub for this conference. Destinations were asked to submit RFPs and then WE had a chance to vote for our favorites in the form of a Facebook contest. In the next step we were asked to provide suggestions of who WE wanted to hear speak at SoMeT.

And then there was the tattoo. (more…)

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Florida tourism has taken a hard hit this year from the oil spill and even though most of the beaches were unaffected, people were canceling their trips. VISIT FLORIDA has done a great job posting photo updates along the way but something bigger was needed. And boy, was that achieved!

Residents and visitors participated in an enormous beach walk on Nov 6, photographing nearly the entire 825 miles of Florida beaches. But it doesn’t stop there. The Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk posted these photos on a google map (be still my heart) and is asking the public to vote for their favorite photo / beach. What at outstanding idea! (more…)

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Last week’s #tourismchat was on QR Codes and how they can be used in the tourism industry. If you have time, you should definitely read the full chat transcript. We were lucky to have two extremely knowledgeable people participating on this chat: John Foley (@johnfoleyjr) and QReate & Track (@QReateAndTrack).

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • QR codes can link to anything. Some link to targeted landing pages. Others link to an email address/contact info. The options are endless and can include videos, maps, photo galleries, text-messaging opt-ins, etc.
  • If you’re linking to a site, make sure it’s a mobile site (more…)

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