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I’ve had this post on my to-do list for several days but I’ve been under the weather so I’m just getting to it now. Better late than never, right?

I did not attend Blogworld but followed the very active #bwe10 hashtag from home. If you’re new to twitter: many conferences use a specific hashtag so all related tweets can easily be organized and found. I think this post by Callan Green sums everything perfectly: 10 Takeaways from Blogworld Expo 2010.

These are two of my favorite points:

1. Content is so “in” right now: This is so very true. Tweeting about a specific event, attraction or deal and then linking to a homepage is an epic failure. If you don’t have the best content, you have two choices: create it (in a blog) or link to a better source.

2. Conferences are about much more than the sessions you attend: I completely agree here. Connecting with other professionals in your field can be more rewarding than conferences sessions. It’s the sharing of ideas and brainstorming together that usually gets your creative juices flowing. This is exactly why I love #tourismchat so much.

Did you attend Blogworld? What are your takeaways?


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Amy Brock is the Social Media Manager at Visit Savannah. What makes Amy unique is not her Bacon Twitter list. Ok, maybe that does give her a certain je ne sais quoi. But what I’m most fascinated with are her CVB niche social media accounts. Not only does Amy maintain a fantastic social media presence for Savannah’s leisure tourism, she also maintains accounts for other CVB departments such as meetings, sports and weddings.

Here’s some insight on Amy, Visit Savannah and bacon.

How long have you worked at the Savannah CVB?

I have worked for Visit Savannah (formerly known as Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau) since November 2005, after working in the tourism industry in Charleston, SC for several years.  I’ve held positions with Visit Savannah in the Convention Sales Department as well as in the Marketing and Communications Department as Media Buyer and later on as Internet Marketing Manager.  After having my daughter in 2008, I decided not to return to work so I could focus on motherhood; that lasted about a month.  It was at that time that I found myself right in the middle of a big Twitter conversation and realized there was a huge opportunity for destination marketing organizations that Savannah was missing out on!  After a conversation with Visit Savannah’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, I was contracted to begin a small social media campaign.  Almost 2 years later I am managing 5 Twitter Accounts, 4 Flickr Groups and 5 (soon to be 6) Facebook Pages. (more…)

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I’m always baffled by twitter accounts that have a ton of followers but no tweets. A “Follow Strategy” can be beneficial to new twitter accounts but beware as it can also offend potential followers.

When I get a new follower, I look at a few things before following them back:

What are their following/follower amounts? If they’re following close to 2,000 people and have a significantly different amount of followers, they’re probably new to twitter and chances are it’s a spam/bot account. Twitter puts a cap on following 2,000 users as a maximum until your follower number is close to being equal. (more…)

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I recently found this great post about a Twitter Engagement Formula (Angela Maiers) and even though it’s over a year old, the basic strategy behind it still holds true today. Angela states that she uses a 70-20-10 formula for twitter:

Share Resources (70) – Successful learning in the 21st Century is not what you know, but what you can share, so 70 % of my Twittertime is spent sharing others voices, opinions, and tools. (more…)

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Welcome to my new series of blog interviews with outstanding tourism professionals. I hope for this to become a way of connecting you to those who “get” social media in the tourism industry.

Dave Serino is the Founder and e-Strategist at Gammet Interactive. He’s also the man behind #SoMeT, the Symposium on the Use of Social Media in the Tourism Industry, which will be held November 17-19 in Ashburn (Loudoun County), VA, and the How Social is Your DMO rankings.

I first met Dave in person at an Illinois Tourism Alliance event on an evening cruise along Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. I was working for Chicago Plus at the time. I don’t remember all our conversations but I know we talked about our dogs. Since then, we’ve become good friends and even have a favorite meet-up place when he’s in town — O’Callaghan’s Pub.

Here’s a little insight on Gammet Interactive, #SoMeT and @GammetGuy himself. (more…)

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Hashtags are a great way to organize tweets around conversations and events. If you’re new to twitter, check out this Twitter Help Center page about hashtags. Creating a hashtag is easy but a lot of thought must go into the process. These steps will walk you through creating a hashtag for your event but can also be used for creating any type of hashtag.

1. Think: choose a hashtag that can easily correlate to your event

What type of abbreviations can you use? If there will be live-tweeting at your event, make sure you choose something that can be easily typed. Keep it short and sweet but not so short that it becomes confusing. (more…)

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Last week’s #tourismchat focused on crisis communication and it was discovered that even though we all know how important a crisis communication plan is, many of us don’t have one in place yet. You can read the entire chat transcript but here are some of the key takeaways. (more…)

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