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I’ve been thinking about starting another photography project but with so many possibilities, it was hard to narrow down the idea. My main goal for this project is to create another photography commitment, similar to my Project 365, so I’ll shoot more frequently and enhance my skills but the big difference will be a non-daily commitment so I can work more on creativity, rather than discipline.

I’ve decided to focus on colors for this next project. The rules are going to be fairly simple: take at least 5 photos per month based on the themed color. And I’m stealing the “Just be.” phrase from a tourism campaign but only because it’s a great idea. Here’s the plan:

  • August: Just be. Yellow.
  • September: Just be. Red.
  • October: Just be. Orange.
  • November: Just be. Brown.
  • December: Just be. Silver.
  • January: Just be. White.
  • February: Just be. Black.
  • March: Just be. Blue.
  • April: Just be. Green.
  • May: Just be. Pink.
  • June: Just be. Purple.
  • July: Just be. Gold.

Join me on this colorful journey through my camera’s eye! Here are some of my Just be. Yellow. shots for August:

Yellow Hibiscus (more…)


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It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I started my photography Project 365. Not a day had gone by without me taking a photo, even if it was before I went to bed at 2am. Obviously some of those photos lacked creativity but there are a number of photos that I’m proud of. Here’s a sampling:

The beginning and the end (July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011):

Knot 001/365 Knot 365/365

My series of dog noses (Aug 9, 10, 11):

Chip 040/365 Freckle Face 041/365 Doodle Bug 042/365

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever shot (July 16):Sunset 016/365 (more…)

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We had a few sunny days here but we’re still in the middle of winter. So what can you do to get rid of the winter blues? Spend some time with beautiful blooming flowers!

The Oak Park Conservatory is a hidden gem. You can view three large greenhouses for a suggested donation of $2. I was just there Saturday to practice photography and absolutely loved it! In addition to the plants, they have a small pond with koi and two red-ear slider turtles as well as several bird cages. There were numerous families and a few retired couples which only confirms that it’s a great place for people of all ages.

You can view all of my Oak Park Conservatory photos on flickr but here are some of my favorite shots:

Sparkling Lily 234/365 (more…)

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Flickr rolled out a new design a few weeks ago to 800,000 some users and just made it mainstream today. It’s a lot cleaner and seems to display all the important information “above the fold” on the screen.

Here are my favorite aspects of this new design: (more…)

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As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a stalker. But don’t worry, it’s not really as cool as it sounds. I’ve been stalking CVB Facebook pages for a few months to gather data for competitive benchmarks. It’s really quite interesting to see the differences between these pages. As I was stalking and analyzing, I came across a post about Project 365. If you’re not familiar with this, Project 365 is a photography project where you take one photo every day for an entire year. It seemed like a huge commitment but it was a perfect addition to my July 1 mid-year resolutions. (more…)

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When I need to get away from things, I usually end up on a short photography road trip. It’s the easiest way for me to escape from the normal routine and stress.  Some of my favorite spots are the Michigan lighthouses along Lake Michigan. Most of them are only a few hours away and make the perfect day trip.

My most recent trip was to St. Joseph, Michigan. The North Pier Light can be reached on the north side of the St. Joseph River but you can get equally amazing views of it from the south side of the river as well. (more…)

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I’ve always said that if something needs explanation, don’t use it. And yet I’ve broken this rule with the seagull photo for this blog. So please let me explain why I chose this photo to represent Tourism Land.

First of all, a little background information: I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of birds but I don’t like touching them or having them too close to me and yet, somehow, they fascinate me. I love coastlines so most of the birds that I photograph are seagulls and now I’ve developed a slight obsession with them. And by “slight” I mean that it’s pretty much out of hand. (more…)

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