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If you’re not already familiar with #tourismchat, it’s a biweekly twitter chat (Thursdays at 2pm CST) that focuses on how social media is used in the tourism industry.

Our last chat, July 21, was about Websites/Analytics. You can read through the chat transcript [pdf] but here are some of my favorite tweets from the chat:

  • When it comes to using website analytic software internally or having an agency handle the reporting, most of the chat participants use Google Analytics internally, even if an agency helps measure traffic.
  • Most chat participants optimize their website on a regular basis. Travel 2.0 added: Typically a constant cycle works, try to touch your top 50 pages once every 3 months and repeat. (more…)

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Two recent videos have caught my eye for the unique way that they promote their destination.

The Grand Rapids LipDub video went viral, hitting more than 2.5 million views in the first two weeks. It was created as a response to an article in Newsweek calling Grand Rapids a “dying city.”


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If you’re not already familiar with #tourismchat, it’s a biweekly twitter chat (Thursdays at 2pm CST) that focuses on how social media is used in the tourism industry.

Our last chat, June 9, was about Social PR. You can read through the entire chat transcript [pdf] but here are some of my favorite tweets/replies from the chat:

Do you have a separate Twitter/Facebook account for your PR efforts?

  • @theresaoverby: No separate accounts. Just one voice and central location. So far it’s been successful.

Do you use particular sites to send press releases?

  • @maddenmedia: We post them to our website and SoMe accounts. As far as press goes, we send it the old fashioned way – pigeon carrier.
  • @AshleyTravels: Increased interaction, IMO. RT @lizpurcell What is the response to having SoMe links on your releases?

Do you have an online newsroom?

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I’m attending the Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism next week and, like with any event, will be using social media throughout it. Feel free to join in!


If you have a twitter account, follow the #ilgc hashtag to see the twitter conversation revolving around the conference.

What’s a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or phrase following a # sign in twitter. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a list of all tweets that include the hashtag. It’s an easy way to follow any conversation. Whether you’re using twitter.com, tweetdeck, hootsuite or a mobile device to tweet, set up a search for the #ilgc hashtag and save it as a column for easy access. If you’ll be tweeting from your laptop, I still recommend using tweetdeck or hootsuite if that’s what you’re familiar with but another great option is tweetchat. Head to the #ilgc tweetchat room and login with your twitter account. It’ll add the #ilgc hashtag to all of your tweets. (more…)

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The Feb 3 #tourismchat focused on Blogging for Destinations (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • WordPress seemed to be the favored platform among chat participants. Tumblr and Blogger were also mentioned.
  • When it came to in-house blogging vs. using outside bloggers, many of the chat participants did it in-house. However two great examples of using outside bloggers are the Indiana Insider Blog and the Travel Oregon Blog.
  • How do you find outside bloggers? Two excellent examples: Indiana Insider Blogger Application and Travel Oregon Blogger Guidelines.
  • Using a content/editorial calendar is necessary but you must leave room for flexibility.

There was much more conversation about how blogging platforms affect SEO, whether to pay bloggers and marketing your blog so definitely check out the entire chat transcript!

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I’m fascinated with antique postcards. Not so much for the image on the front, although most of them are pretty nice, but more so for the conversation written on the back. A few months ago I started my collection and even though it’s taken a while, it has now doubled in size…to 5 total postcards.

I went to the Harbert Antique Mall on the Red Arrow Highway in Harbert, Michigan today. I was here last November so this was my second time shopping at this store. They have a good amount of antiques and their prices seem fairly reasonable. They still had the china cabinet of my dreams but since I first saw it, I bought a nice vintage piece at a local resale shop for much less.

Today’s purchase of three vintage postcards totaled $9. You can see more more images of these cards in my Flickr set. The first card was postmarked Oct 13, 1908, and features a sunset on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, Mich. (more…)

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Valencia Tourism created a 3D video showcasing the city’s green areas, multi-era architecture, gastronomy and lifestyle!

How are you creatively using video for your destination?

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