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Reflections of cloudsThere’s something amazing about twitter. It’s so easy to find and connect with people who share similar interests with you. And every once in a while, you’ll create lifelong friendships and find everyday heroes too. A few new names were added to my list of heroes this weekend.

Betsy Decillis and I went on #geekcation this past weekend. We had our first #geekcation, May 2010, in Chicago when we worked on acquiring Foursquare badges. This #geekcation was a little different as it was based on a visit to AJ Bombers, a mecca for social media geeks. (more…)


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Ever since my #geekcation in Chicago (an excuse to work on Explore Chicago’s Foursquare badges), I’ve said that I would love to see a CVB create a Foursquare guide. Well this is it! Foursquare recently allowed brands to get pages for free and also unveiled a new lists feature on Monday.

What does this mean for you? Get your CVB on Foursquare. Now.

It’s easy to create a page. All you need is a graphic, description and a branded twitter account to get started. Once you’re ready with that, it’s time to add a few tips. You have to add at least 5 tips when you create your page. What’s great about these tips is that they come from your “official” brand and not a personal account.

Lists are an excellent way to group Foursquare venues together into themes, whether it by a list of museums, BBQ restaurants or even neighborhood guides. Three CVBs that have already created Foursquare lists are Visit Savannah, Baltimore and Tuscarawas County CVB. (more…)

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If you’re not using Foursquare or Gowalla, now is the time to start, especially if you’re in the tourism industry. Both of these sites allow users to “check in” at places via their phone and earn badges or pins for different checkin criteria.

When you sign up for either of these, you have the option to connect your checkins to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. While I feel this is a great feature, I see it overused and abused quite frequently.


Don’t tweet all of your checkins, especially without comments. As a twitter follower, I don’t really need to know when you’re at Walmart.

Do be selective and tweet (or post to Facebook) checkins that are special locations (vacations, festivals, something really cool) or those that have a funny comment. If your comment is something like “I want to be a Walmart greeter when I grow up” then, by all means, tweet it. (more…)

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If you’re not familiar with #tourismchat, a biweekly twitter chat focusing on social media in the tourism industry, check out this Q&A post from Sarah Page.

The July 29 #tourismchat focused on mobile apps but also included a good amount of information on Foursquare. You can read the entire chat transcript or just check out these highlights: (more…)

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Yesterday’s #tourismchat focused on social media time management. You can read the entire chat transcript but if you’re pressed on time, here are a few of the highlights:

  • If you need to link networks to update at the same time, be selective and only do so if absolutely necessary. Having your blog automatically post to twitter and Facebook is one thing but Facebook fans do not like twitter and twitter followers do not like clicking a link that takes you to a Facebook post.
  • Now that I’ve said that, both HootSuite and TweetDeck can be used to update multiple networks. Ping.fm does the same thing.
  • The general consensus was that most chatters prefer HootSuite over TweetDeck. (more…)

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As some of you may know, I recently went on a Geekcation in Chicago with Betsy Decillis. One of our goals was to work on an Explore Chicago Foursquare badge. The Chicago Office of Tourism has three custom badges: Chicago Blues, Celery Salt and On Location. We walked around the city, checking in at various venues to earn the On Location (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) badge. Sure, I’ve used social media to help plan vacations before but this was my first trip that required a social media strategy. And yes, I do realize how geeky that sounds.

The great thing about the badges is that we were seeing more than the usual attractions. I had never seen Calder’s Flamingo sculpture before but since it was a badge location, it was on our list. We truly explored Chicago that weekend.

As we were finishing up our badge checkins, we realized how incredibly fun and satisfying it was to work on a badge. What could have made it even more fun? Perhaps a google map of the eligible venue locations. Or maybe a special Foursquare itinerary geared to people like us. Surely there are others like us, right? We started to think about possible destinations for the next Geekcation. Of course New York and San Francisco were at the top of the list. And now there is one more to add: Pennsylvania. (more…)

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